SaaS, SaaS Product, and Onethread

SaaS, SaaS Product, and Onethread

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·Apr 21, 2022·

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Have trouble running your company with full potential, want to thrive, and take your business to the next level? Or curious enough to learn the “new normal” tools in business industries during the pandemic crisis? Look no further. This article has got your interests covered.

💡 Warning! A long post is coming. I would have fed my pet, grabbed some snacks, be comfortable on my couch (so that I may sleep while reading the article) if I were you. 😸

Okay, enough chitchat, Since you have come this far, or should I say since you have found this article, I’m guessing you are familiar with the term “SaaS”. It is a model that is rapidly growing in use in our world today. A survey announced by BetterCloud states that around 80% of applications that are responded to by businesses will be SaaS-based by the end of 2021.

💡 Interesting fact: In 2008, only 12 percent of companies had used cloud-based apps. By the year 2021, the percentage has jumped to 73 percent!

Through this blog, I am going to explain the term “SaaS”, “SaaS products”, “B2B SaaS products”, how does it work, and its advantages. Then, I am gonna introduce you to a “Fresh Outta Bangladesh” SaaS product of our own. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the details below!

What is SaaS?

The first question that comes to our mind regarding this sector is, What is SaaS? Well, it stands for Software as a Service, which can also be referred to as an on-demand service. Rather than buying expensive commercial software for your business or installing software at your workplace, you'll be able to simply access an application over the Internet. SaaS products go by many names as web-based software, hosted software, or simply, rentware. The software is always hosted, updated, and maintained on a central server (i.e. the cloud) by the developer company and made available to its subscribed end users over the Internet. The SaaS company is responsible for providing access, security features, IT support, and performance during its operations. SaaS customers access the service over the internet instead of having to store everything on their own devices. In general, you only need to have a basic system that allows you to use the SaaS platform. Finally, users generally pay a monthly, annual, or some other type of service fee for the software, which varies significantly depending on the service provided.

So, what is SaaS? SaaS is a sassy service specially tailored for new business-oriented customers who want to reduce the time and money spent on tiresome errands such as installing, managing, and upgrading software and focus on task management, monitoring productivity, and allocating resources.

💡 Did you know that Netflix is a SaaS company? They provide their software to watch licensed videos on demand. They have a subscription-based model where the customer doesn’t need to install anything on their system and chooses a subscription plan and pays a specified sum of money to Netflix monthly or annually. Cool, isn’t it?

How does software as a service (SaaS) work?

SaaS works via the cloud delivery model. SaaS is closely associated with Application Service Provider (ASP) and on-demand computing software delivery models, where the provider hosts client software and delivers it to subscribed users over the Internet. A software retailer hosts the application and associated data using its own servers, databases, network, and computing resources. In the software-on-demand SaaS model, the provider provides customers with network-based access to a single copy of an application that the provider has built specifically for SaaS distribution. The source code of the application is the same for all customers, and when new features or functionalities are published, all customers are introduced at the same time. Generally, the app is accessible to any device and platform (OS, IOS, Android) with a network connection. SaaS applications are generally accessed through web browsers. One interesting fact about SaaS products is, that companies using SaaS applications are not in charge of configuring and maintaining the software. Users simply pay a subscription fee to get access to the software and customize it to their own needs and demands.

B2B SaaS

B2B SaaS stands for business-to-business Software-as-a-Service. Business-to-business is a situation where one company executes a business transaction with another. B2B SaaS companies typically focus on consumer requirements specific to business owners and management teams. These products are usually made for organizations. These companies intend to build intuitive applications to solve business problems, update and constantly embrace innovative technologies to optimize business solutions as well as innovate and maximize product effectiveness. Their prime goal is to build and nurture a strong community and support customers to the 5-star standard. According to the G2 Crowd report, the following list is collected with the top 10 SaaS B2B companies that are providing software for many businesses worldwide. In the report, GA has used the Grid Scoring Technology in which it builds the top Software companies on a scale of 0-100 resulting from customer reviews, social networks, and online sources.

Top 11 B2B SaaS Companies in the world












Advantages of SaaS Products

Easy Accessibility & persistence

The most noteworthy benefit of the SaaS applications is they can be used only via an internet browser. No need for installing any operating system at any time anywhere. Just open the browser, go to the application website, log in and do your work. It’s easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


SaaS products eliminate the need for vendors to install and run applications on their own systems, which saves them a lot in the expenses of hardware purchase, maintenance, and bug fixing. Face problem in running app? Notify the SaaS company. Bugs in the app? Notify them. Facing an issue? Give feedback instantly to the company. You just sit back and relax while the SaaS company does all the hard work in solving the problem for you.

Flexible payment options

Rather than making one-time payments, customers using SaaS products can subscribe monthly, annually, or periodically through the local online payment system. By providing planned operating expenses, a SaaS company helps customers in taking a better deal with respect to their budget. Furthermore, users can vigorously cancel SaaS subscriptions whenever they wish to save frequent costs or to change the plan to go to another one.


Instead of buying new software, customers can rely on a SaaS provider to automatically manage updates and patch management. This additionally lowers the hurdle on the internal IT team.

Highly scalable and fixable

Cloud services like SaaS offer high Upright Scalability meaning web-based software is flexible enough to be modified for not only specific business purposes but also for individual users. Clients can customize the user interface (UI) to change how the program looks, as well as modify certain areas such as data fields to change the data displayed. This also gives customers the option to access more or fewer services or features on-demand.


SaaS applications are usually customizable and may be integrated with different business applications, particularly across applications from a standard software system supplier.

Onethread as a SaaS product

Well, bored enough? Let me give you some spicy news. Now that you know what a SaaS product is, how they operate, and what is their advantages, allow me to introduce the newest member in the SaaS family, The SaaS-y classy one and only Onethread straight outta Bangladesh.

Onethread is a B2B project management tool that offers startups, agencies, and NGOs the to collaborate, organize their innovative projects, and communicate with everyone involved through a single online platform. It’s one of the five emerging SaaS Companies in BD. It has all the above qualities for an ideal SaaS product and much more. It's a real-time task over viewer through which anyone can communicate with involved personnel in a project, and manage all tasks from a single dashboard with more than 500 integrated tools.

It’s benefits It has a clean & simple User Interface with highly scalable and fixable customization It is compact Integrated with all the basic but essential tools to complete the project more efficiently User UI is made simple and easy to understand. More storage with no project limitations A cost-effective full package at a very cheap price.

How does it differentiate itself from others?

Onethread mainly focuses on the traditional local companies rather than the high techy, high growth companies. It has some basic but important functions which allow the local companies to complete their tasks with more than 90% accuracy. Its UI is clean, simple, easy to understand, user-friendly, and most importantly it's cheap. There are many companies out there that provide less storage with limited projects and various upgrading packages which sometimes can be confusing and messy. Onethread offers more storage than anyone in the market right now with no project limitations. It has only 3 pricing packages of which one is the free package (is and always will be) and you don’t need to start again while switching from one package to another. Onethread is currently working with the Local companies of Bangladesh. There are many local companies in Bangladesh that work hard without following any specific processes while working on projects. Stakeholders of these companies face a lot of problems completing tasks in time which impacts their reputation. Many lose valuable clients. Onethread thinks highly of them and comes with this simple but effective tool specially tailored for them. Onethread emphasizes localization by making the project management tool available in the local language. It may seem to be a simple thing at first but in the long run, it plays a very important role for the local companies. When your project management app is in the local language, it gets a lot easy to understand and navigate more quickly and effectively.

To learn more about Onethread please visit our website If you have any questions regarding Onethread feel free to mail us.

Sum Up

If you are reading this, you have come a long way, BRAVO! You truly are one of those geeks who definitely finish a job after they start. You have already unlocked a place in my mind and achieved an award for an “uplifting positive vibe”. It would mean a lot to me if this article helps to answer any of your questions. Feel free to give your feedback regarding the article. Stay safe.

I will be back with another boring article soon. Till then, “Hasta la vista, baby.” 😎 👍

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